The Beginning: Why I’ve Chosen to Play Poker

About a year ago I was watching poker on television. I had been playing for fun at home games for about seven years and after watching the movie “Rounders” had always thought it would be fun to really learn the game. As I was watching I thought, “If I worked really hard, I could play this game and make money at it.” But I decided not to, although I did love the game I just didn’t want to play it bad enough. Nothing had really inspired me to want to learn and it just seemed insane to try to make a living playing cards.

Several months after that, I was watching poker again on tv. It was the wsop in London, England. The tournament was down to the final table. Six people were grinding it out for the first place finnish. Among them was Ronald Lee. Haven’t heard of him? That’s not suprising as this was his first major event and his to this day is largest cash out in a tournament. Lee dominated the table. The other player might as well just be giving him their chips because he was raking in the pots. Watching him bust player after player was amazing. I was blown away by his style and how well he seemed to know the game and how to completely dominate the table. He ended up finnishing in 3rd place and pocketed over a half a million dollars. After watching him play, I decided to take a shot at poker.

Right now I am 20 living in Arizona. I turn 21 in January. I have been studying the game for about 8 months or so now. While I have made good progress, I feel nowhere near ready to take on the game. I will continue to study ever harder untill and after I turn 21. My goal for next year is to make a good stab at the game and by years end, have made $50,000. I have made this goal as realistic as possible taking into consideration that I am also attending college; but I know it will not be easy. From some of the books I’ve read to bad beats, big losses, and bigger win’s I will be doccumenting my ride right here.

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